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Server Upgrade Notice

All hosting accounts are in the process of being migrated to Windows 2003 servers.

This planned migration will offer you

  • greater reliability
  • new tools, services and Control Panel for managing your Web site and e-mail
  • increased network security
  • enhanced technical support

Preparing for the Windows 2003 Server Migration

If your site has an active maintainance account:

  • Sit Back and Relax
  • This is part of your coverage

If you or an outside group maintains your site:

The following may be affected and may require modifications for continued operations.

  • Files or Scripts Containing IP Addresses
  • E-mail Sent Via a Web Form
  • E-mail Sent Via CDONTs component
  • DSN-based Database Connections
  • ColdFusion Pages
  • Custom-named Index Pages
  • Custom/3rd Party Domain Nameservers

If you have additional considerations about your site, please contact us immediately. We plan to make the migration as easy as the mail server upgrades.


WEB LS Now Available

WEB LS is a server based scripting program that dynamically generates an XHTML / CSS compliant web page based on the contents of the directory structure. See The Details...

Email Servers Upgraded

We are pleased to announce that the email servers have been successfully upgraded without any interruption of services. Mail servers now incorporate spam filtering, virus protection and web based calendering. Please review the new features added to your hosting services.
Web Mail

Compliant Code

A few notes on why we insist on compliant code.

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